Nema34 1.8Kw With Hybrid Servo Driver 86HB250-118B

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Nema34 With 2 Phase Hybrid Servo Driver 86HB250-118B

HB Hybrid Stepping servo drive system is the perfect fusion of digital stepper drive servo control , products using a typical three-loop control method (position loop, speed loop and current loop), it compatible with the dual advantages of stepper motor and servo motor for driving two-phase hybrid stepping motor. It is a highly quality lower cost-effective motion control products.
1 full closed-loop control
2 Motor Standard 1000-line encoder
3 close to 100% of the torque output.
4 quickly response, high speed
5.Variety of input mode
  5.1 Pulse + direction
  5.2 pulse + reverse direction
  5.3. double pulses
2.6 optical isolator servo reset input interfaces ERC
2.7 optical isolator fault alarm output interface ALM
2.8 Current loop bandwidth: (- 3dB) 2KHz (typ)
2.9 speed loop bandwidth: 500Hz (typ)
2.10 Position loop bandwidth: 200Hz (typ)
2.11 correct motor encoder inputs : post differential input (26LS32)
2.12 RS232 serial communication available to download or change parameters
2.13 overcurrent, I2T, overvoltage, undervoltage, overtemperature, overspeed, ultra differential protection
2.14 A green light indicates running a red light indicates that the protection or offline


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