humidity Sensor SJL31K

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humidity Sensor SJL31K

Product introduction:

The product is a resistive polymer humidity sensor, stable and reliable performance, product consistency, and convenient mass production.

1—Exported foot
2—ceramic substrate
3—interdigitated electrode
4—sweet film

Drawing (1) Dimension drawing of small substrate (5 x 7mm lead pitch: 2.54mm)


Home appliance humidity control, humidification equipment, dehumidification equipment, temperature and humidity meter, electronic calendar, radio clock (RCC), digital photo frame, home weather station and so on.


SJL31K, characteristic impedance is 31KΩ; product conforms to ROHS environmental protection;

1. Operating voltage: VPP ≤ 5.5V; Operating frequency: 500Hz-2000Hz;

2. Operating temperature: 0 °C -50 °C; Operating humidity: 20% -95% RH;

3. Stability: ≤ 2%RH/year; Temperature characteristics: ≤0.5%RH/°C;

4. Humidity detection consistency: ≤ ± 3% RH;

5. Response speed: less than 15S;

6. Water resistance: After immersing in water for 10 minutes, the humidity changes less than 2% after air-drying;

After immersing in water for 30 minutes, the humidity changes by less than 5% after air-drying;

standard test conditions:

1. Temperature 25°C (±1°), frequency 1KHZ, set operating voltage 1VAC (sine wave);
2. The test equipment is an alternating current bridge (LCR) (Note: DC power sources such as multimeters cannot be used)
3. The use of constant humidity generating device: constant humidity alternating box (SJ-1 type);

product use notes:

1. Avoid hard objects or fingers touching the surface of components to avoid scratching or staining the wet film
2. Avoid working in a condensation environment

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