True-RMS Digital Multimeter AN8008

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Electrical Specifications
Function Range Resolution Accuracy MAX. Value Other
DC Voltage (V) 999.9mV 0.1mV ±(0.5%+3) 999.9V
9.999V 0.001V
99.99V 0.01V
999.9V 0.1V
DC Voltage (mV) 9.999mV 0.001mV 99.99mV
99.99mV 0.01mV
AC Voltage (V) 999.9mV 0.1mV ±(1.0%+3) 750V 40Hz-1kHz
9.999V 0.001V
99.99V 0.01V
750.0V 0.1V
AC Voltage (mV) 9.999mV 0.001mV 99.99mV
99.99mV 0.01mV
DC Current (mA&A) 999.9mA 0.1mA ±(1.0%+3) 9.999A
9.999A 0.001A
DC Current (μA 99.99μA 0.01μA ±(0.8%+3) 999.9μA
999.9μA 0.1μA
AC Current  (mA&A) 999.9mA 0.1mA ±(1.2%+3) 9.999A 40Hz-1kHz
9.999A 0.001A
AC Current(μA) 99.99μA 0.01μA ±(1.0%+3) 999.9μA
999.9μA 0.1μA
Resistance 99.99Ω 0.01Ω ±(1.0%+3) 9.999MΩ
999.9Ω 0.1Ω ±(0.5%+3)
9.999kΩ 0.001kΩ
99.99kΩ 0.01kΩ
999.9kΩ 0.1kΩ
9.999MΩ 0.001MΩ ±(1.5%+3)
Capacitance 9.999nF 0.001nF ±(5.0%+20) 9.999mF
99.99nF 0.01nF ±(2.0%+5)
999.9nF 0.1nF
9.999μF 0.001μF
99.99μF 0.01μF
999.9μF 0.1μF
9.999mF 0.001mF ±(5.0%+5)
Frequency 99.99Hz 0.01Hz ±(0.1%+2) 9.999MHz
999.9Hz 0.1Hz
9.999kHz 0.001kHz
99.99kHz 0.01kHz
999.9kHz 0.1kHz
9.999MHz 0.001MHz
Duty Cycle 1%~99% 0.1% ±(0.1%+2)
Square Wave Output 50Hz/100Hz/200Hz/300Hz/400Hz/500Hz/600Hz/700Hz/800Hz/
General Specifications
DisplayLCD 9999 Counts
Ranging Auto/Manual
Material ABS
Update Rate 3 Times/Second
True RMS
Back Light
Data Hold
Low Battery Indication
Auto Power Off
Mechanical Specifications
Dimension 130*65*32mm
Weight 114g/128g (w/ batteries)
Battery Type 1.5V AAA Battery * 2
Environmental Specifications
Operating Temperature 0~40
Humidity 75%
Storage Temperature -20~60
Humidity 80%

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