Stepper Motor Driver L9110S H-bridge 4Bit

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Stepper Motor Driver L9110S H-bridge 4Bit

1. Motor drive module comes with its own four L9110S chip.
2. Module supply voltage: 2.5-12V
3. Suitable Motor range: motor operating voltage between 2.5v-12V, the maximum operating current is 0.8A,
the current smart car voltage and current market are within this range
4. Can drive 4 DC motors or two 4-wire 2-phase stepping motor.

Interface description:
[10P black bent pin description]
1. A1 external microcontroller IO port
2. A2 external microcontroller IO port
3. B1 external microcontroller IO port
4. B2 external microcontroller IO port
5. C1 external microcontroller IO port
6. C2 external microcontroller IO port
7. D1 external microcontroller IO port
8. D2 external microcontroller IO port
9. + external voltage 2.5V-12V
10. – External GND
[Note] 8P PCB Terminal Blocks
1. MOTORA connect to DC Motor 2 pins, non-directional
2. MOTORB connect to DC Motor 2 pins, non-directional
3. MOTORC connect to DC Motor 2 pins, non-directional
4. MOTORD connect to DC Motor 2 pins, non-directional

Connected VCC, GND module, power indicator light
A1 input high level, A2 input low level, MOTORA motor is transferred;
A1 input low level, A2 input high level, MOTORA motor reversal;
B1 input high level, B2 input low level, MOTORB motor is transferred;
B1 input low level, B2 input high level, MOTORB motor reversal;
C1 input high level, C2 input low level, MOTORC motor is transferred;
C1 input low level, C2 input high level, MOTORC motor reversal;
D1 input high level, D2 input low level, MOTORD motor is transferred;
D1 input low level, D2 high input level, MOTORD motor reversal

Package included:
1 x L9110S 4 Channel Drive DC Motor Drive Board

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