Stepper Motor Driver Controller TB6600

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TB6600 Upgrade Edition 42/57/86 Stepper Motor Driver Controller 4.0A 42VDC Driver Board Module

Features: This driver is an upgraded version of TB6600, subdivided up to 32 segments, suitable for high-segment use.

Applicable stepper motor: 42, 57, 86 type 2 phase 4 phase (4 lines 6 lines 8 lines)

1.9V-42V DC power supply;

2. H – bridge bipolar constant – current drive;

3. Up to 4.0A of the eight output current options;

4. Up to 32 subdivision of the subdivision mode optional;

5. Input signal high speed photoelectric isolation;

6. Standard male single pulse interface;

7. Offline hold function;

8. Semi-enclosed enclosure can be more stringent environment;

9. To provide energy-saving semi-automatic current lock function;

10. Built-in temperature protection and overcurrent protection.

11. 201g


Terminal definition Definitions:

Signal input:

1. CP +: pulse signal input positive terminal

2. CP-: pulse signal input negative

3. DIR +: motor positive, reverse control positive side

4. DIR-: motor positive, reverse control negative

5. EN +: motor off-line control positive terminal

6. EN-: Motor Offline Control Negative


Motor winding connection:

1. A +: Connect motor winding A + phase

2. A: Connect the motor winding A-phase

3. B +: Connect motor winding B + phase

4. B-: Connect the motor winding B-phase


Working voltage connection:

1. VCC: DC power supply positive (Note: 10V <VCC <42V)

2.GND: DC power supply negative


There are two types of input signal interface:

Users can use the common anode connection or common cathode connection according to the need.

1. Common to the anode connection: CP +, DIR +, EN + will be connected to the control system power supply, if this power is +5 V can be directly connected, if the power is greater than + 5V, the external additional current limiting resistor R, To drive the internal light lotus to provide 8-15mA drive current. The pulse input signal is via CP-access; at this point, DIR-, EN- is active at low level.

2.Common cathode connection method: connect the CP-, DIR- and EN- to the ground of the control system (SGND, isolate from the power source); the pulse input signal of the +5V is added by CP+; at this time, the DIR+ and EN+ are active at high level. The connection value of current limiting resistor R is the same as common anode connection method.


Note: EN is not connected, EN is valid when the motor rotor is in a free state (offline), then you can manually turn the motor shaft, do for your adjustment. After manual adjustment is complete, then the EN is set to an invalid state to continue the automatic control.

Unit Type: piece
Package Weight: 0.3kg (0.66lb.)
Package Size: 20cm x 15cm x 7cm (7.87in x 5.91in x 2.76in)

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