PZEM-017 DC Communication Module

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PZEM-017 DC Communication Module

PZEM-017 DC 0-300V Voltmeter Ammeter RS485 interface Modbus Voltage Current Power Energy Meter Electric Watt Meter Communication Module Box with 0-300V 300A Shunt USB Cable

This document describes the specification of the PZEM-017 DC communication module, the module is mainly used for measuring DC voltage, current, active power, frequency and energy consumption, the module is without display function, the data is read through the RS485 interface.

Please click this link to download the software and the user manual.
Link: https://pan.baidu.com/s/1V9bDWj3RK2u6_fbBJ3GtqQ
Password: rq37
(If you are unable to download, please contact us to send)

The module is mainly used for measuring DC voltage, current, active power, frequency and energy consumption.
The module is without display function and the data is read through the RS485 interface.

Model number: PZEM-017
Types: PZEM-017 Module+300A Shunt+RS485 USB Cable / PZEM-017 Module+50A Shunt+RS485 USB Cable / Only PZEM-017 Module
Working voltage: 0.05 ~300VDC
Test voltage: 0.05 ~300VDC
Rated power: 0.02A-300A/0.2-90kW
Measurement accuracy: 1.0 grade
Shell material: Reinforced nylon
Dimensions: 90×60.5x23mm/3.54×2.38×0.91inch
Color: Black
Quantity: 1 Set

Function and Display format:
1 Voltage:
1.1 Measuring range:0.05-300V. (when the test voltage is <7V, please use the independent power supply mode)
1.2 Resolution:0.01V
1.3 Measurement accuracy:1%
2 Current:
2.1 Measuring range:0.01-10A(PZEM-003);0.02-300A(PZEM-017;can be matched with 50、100、200、300A four kinds of shunt).
2.2 Resolution:0.01A
2.3 Measurement accuracy:1%
3 Power:
3.1 Measuring range:0.2-90kW(PZEM-017)
3.2 Resolution: 0.1W
3.3 Measurement accuracy:1%
4 Energy Consumption:
4.1 Measuring range: 0-9999kWh
4.2 Resolution: 1Wh
4.3 Measurement accuracy:1%
Reset energy: use software to reset.

Over Voltage alarm:
Voltage threshold can be set, divide into high voltage and low voltage threshold, when the measured voltage exceeds the threshold, it can alarm
The default high voltage threshold is 300V, the default low voltage threshold is 7V.
Communication interface: RS485 interface.

Communication protocol
Physical layer protocol
Physical layer use UART to RS485 communication interface.
Baud rate is 9600, 8 data bits, 2 stop bit, no parity.

Other instructions
1 .RS485 interface is passive output, need external connect 5V power supply and the the external power supply should >100mA.
2 .When the input test voltage is less than 7V, it must supply 5V independent work voltage through MICRO USB port;
Note: Do not use the USB port bring by your PC to be the independent power supply, otherwise it may damage your PC !

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