PT100 RTD Converter RS485 Modbus Rtu Temperature Sensor

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PT100 RTD Converter RS485 Modbus Rtu Temperature Sensor

Working voltage: DC 8-25V(Recommend DC 12V)
Working current: 8-13MA
MODBUS RTU protocol, 03 read command, 06 write command.
Serial port baud rate: 9600 (default), N, 8, 1
By modifying the 485 address, up to 247 modules can be cascaded (more than 16 please use R485 repeater)
Can read temperature and PT100 resistance value
Adapted sensor: PT100 3-wire or 2-wire sensor

Temperature measurement range: A version -20℃ to +400℃; B version -20℃ to +220℃. It is recommended to select a version with a smaller range within the range that meets the measurement.

Temperature measurement accuracy: 1%.

Size: 60 X 30 X 16MM
Weight: 16g

MODBUS RTU protocol  please refer to : ” PTA9B01 PT100 RS485 sensor protocol ”

PT100 sensor specifications:

Type: PT100
Probe Diameter: 6.5mm
Probe Length: 30mm
Probe Material : Stainless steel
Cable Length: 0.5M
PTFE sheath 3-Wire type
Temperature -200~550°C degree


Material: ABS
Outer diameter: 73*36*24MM
Inner diameter: 70*33*21MM
Weight: 16 grams

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Typical application:
Thermostatic Controls
Industrial Systems
Consumer Products
Thermally Sensitive Systems
Measuring instruments
Indoor and outdoor temperature measurement
Temperature in vegetable garden
Weather forecasting, and monitoring
Temperature in Computer Room
Warehouse temperature
3-wire probe wiring mode: the red wire is connected to P+, and the other two wires of the same color are connected to P- and GND (the ports are not distinguished).
Note: Please remove the jumper, otherwise it will affect the accuracy2-wire probe wiring mode: red wire connects to P+, blue wire connects to P-.
Note: The jumper must be short-circuited, otherwise it cannot be measured! ! !RS485 bus wiring diagram:




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