OLED display Module 1.5inch


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OLED display Module 1.5inch

Driver chip: SSD1327
Module interface: I2C
Screen color: white
Grayscale: 16 bits
High resolution: 128 × 128
Viewing angle: greater than 160 °
Operating voltage: 3.3V / 5V
Module size: 45.5×34.3 (mm)
NTERFACE interface: 2-wire IIC
PCB module size: 34.30mmX48.5mmX1.6mm
Module interface: I2C
Option: 256 contrast levels can be configured

This is a general OLED screen module, diagonal of 1.5 inches, 128×128 pixels, gray level of 16 bits, which communicates through the I2C interface.
Plate-level conversion chip for 5V / 3.3V MCU
256 contrast levels can be set
Screen 128×128 high resolution and sharper.
It supports 16-bit gray level screens that make the depth sensation of the image stronger and more realistic.

SSD1327 is a single-chip OLED / PLED CMOS controller with regulator for light / organic polymer diode-emitting dot matrix graphic display system. It consists of 128 segments and 128 common ones. This IC is designed for the common cathode type OLED / PLED panel.
Resolution: 128 x 128 matrix panel
Embedded SRAM buffer of 128 x 128 x 4 bit
16 grayscale
MCU interfaces selectable by contact
Screen that keeps the function of continuous movement in horizontal and vertical direction
Programmable frame rate
Programmable multiplexing ratio
Reassignment of rows and reassignment of columns
Oscillator on chip
Ignition reset (POR)
Chip design for COG, COF
Wide operating temperature range: -40 ° C to 85 ° C

Package that includes:
1 * I2C OLED screen module

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