Inverter 1000W DC12V to AC 220-240V

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Inverter 1000W, DC12V to AC 220-240V 

Connected with cigarette lighter socket or DC12V/24V and can be converted AC current directly, the power inverters can be used in various type of household appliance, lighting and office equipment, such as TV, Fans, Refrigerators, Lights, DVD, Amplifier, Audio, Video Camera, Fax Machines, Copiers, Laptops, etc;
And the products are necessary for field work,driving tourism,mobile office and emergency occasions of power shortage, please read this guide before installation and use of power inverter and save it for the future reference.
This product is the use of advanced chip technology developed by PWM, have the real achievement of smaller, lighter, quitter and high conversion efficiency. This product is designed to protect the electrical and automotive circuits in use. Output interface meet the nation standard plug
This USB 1000W power Inverter can be operated with your Car Cigarette socket or direct connected with wires clips.
Durative output power: 1000W
Twinkling maximum power: 2000W (This is the momentary boot power£¬not the rated real power!)
Output voltage: 110V~130V, Frequency:60+/-2HZ,
Output voltage: 220V~240V, Frequency:50+/-2HZ,
Input Voltage: 10~15V/22~25V
Built-in fuse: 40A
Under voltage alarm: 10.4~11.0V
Off low pressure: 9.7~103V
Shutdown over-voltage: 14.5~15.5V
No-load consumption: 12V input
No-load Current: <0.3A<br>the greatest=”” effect:=””>90%
Volume: 168*95*55(mm)
Weight: 800g
1 x USB 1000W DC 12V to AC 220V Power Inverter </br>the>

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