EG1182 48V Battery Power System Step-Down Switching Power Supply Chip


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EG1182 48V Battery Power System Step-Down Switching Power Supply Chip
  The EG1182 is a 48V battery-powered step-down DC-DC power management chip with integrated internal reference power supply, oscillator, error amplifier, overheat protection, current limit protection, and short circuit protection. It is ideally suited for high voltage applications above 60V.
The EG1182 is used in the 48V controller system for electric vehicles. It can directly replace the LM317, LM7815 or resistive type step-down linear regulators. It has high efficiency and high reliability, which can greatly reduce the overall controller temperature, enabling the entire system to Work more reliably.
  • Wide voltage input voltage range: 20V to 60V
  • Less external components, no external compensation network can achieve stable operation
  • Short circuit protection
  • Connect an external capacitor to set the operating frequency (10KHz-100KHz)
  • UVLO undervoltage lockout function:
  • Vcc pin open voltage 7.5V
  • Vcc pin-off voltage 4.5V
  • UVLO hysteresis voltage is 3V
  • No external start-up resistor required
  • Built-in high voltage power tube
  • External low-power resistor controls peak current
  • Weekly Limiting Control
  • Package Type: DIP-8 and SOP-8

Field of application

  • Electric motorcycle controller
  • Electric bicycle controller
  • High-voltage analog/digital system
  • Industrial Control System
  • Telecom 48V Power System
  • Ethernet PoE
  • Portable mobile devices
  • Inverter system


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