Buck Converter Max 12A

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Buck Converter Max 12A

  • Super dense and reinforced aluminum radiator allows lower and more Stable operating temperature
  • There is LED indicator in the module, making the operating status of this board Clear
  • It has the TVs Diode to prevent Voltage Surge from breaking the chip D, hence allowing safer module operation
  • Four screw holes in the board enable you to mount the module more conveniently and easier
  • V-twin for input and v-out for output; installation of four 3 mm screws

Product description

Module properties: non-isolated step-down module (BUCK)
Input voltage: DC 5-40V
Output voltage: DC 1.2-36V
Output current: 12A Max(rated 8A, peak 12A); 100W(if enhance heatsink, can reach 200W)
Operating temperature: -40 to +85 Celsius
Working frequency: 300KHz
Conversion efficiency: up to 95%
Short circuit protection: Yes (limit current is 14A)
Over-temperature protection: Yes (the board will automatically shut down the output if over-temperature)
Input reverse polarity protection: None (please install diode at input port if you need such protection)
Installation: four 3mm screws
Wiring: V-IN for input; V-OUT for output
Dimension: 60x52x20mm

For step down voltage application like battery or power transformers, DIY adjustable voltage regulator, 24V auto laptop power supply, 12v to 3.3V or
12V to 5V or 24V to 5V or 24V to 12V, etc.

Please adjust the potentiometer for at least 10 circles if you need to adjust output voltage

Testing for reference:
Input 12V, output 5V/10A, efficiency 81%
Input 12V, output 5V/6A, efficiency 86%
Input 24V, output 12V/8A, efficiency 91%
Input 24V, output 19V/6A, efficiency 94%

Package include:
1x DC Converter

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