Mindwave Mind control Headset.

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Mindwave Bluetooth Headset Mobile Dry Electrode EEG Attention and Meditation Controller Neuro Feedback Devices for Arduino 

Learn more about your brain!  Improve the attention of children! High technology proved effective by famous universities like MIT, YELE UNIVERSITY, STANFORD UNIVERSITY, etc.

The headset supports dozens of neurosky online games on computers(windows),  tablets and  smart phones(android), and we’ll send you an bluetooth dongle for connecting with computers(windows).

The product has 3 different bundles:  mindwave bluetooth,  mindwave lamp kit, mindwave and HC05 for Arduino.  Besides the headset, the mindwave lamp kit contains a meditation lamp which can reflect your relaxation extent by color changing, which will be very interesting like magic. For more details of the lamp, please click the link: Brainwave Meditation Lamp

The headset is compatible with Arduino, but you need to add a bluetooth module(such as HC05) onto Arduino board, then the headset can be connected with arduino via bluetooth.

What can you do with the headset?

-Education: improve the attention of children, which is very important for their study.

-Psychological counseling: give assistance of mental health counseling.

-Games and toys: train your brain while playing games on computers.

-EEG research: learn more about your brain by the data mindwave headset gives.

Who needs the headset?
Developers who want to develop there own brainwave Apps on computers.
Adults who do meditation.
Ordinary people who want to know more about their brain and train their mind while playing games
Psychologists dealing with  Mental health problems and provide Psychological counseling
Scientists who are studying brain wave.
Children who have problem in attention.

Advantages of the version:

1.Compared with the tens of thousands dollars  EEG device, more than 96% similarity. The signal is  stable and has strong anti-interference ability, dozens of the devices can be used at the same time in one room.

2.  Certificated by dozens of countries, millions of user experience. Safety and Reliable

3. More than 400 famous universities prove effective technology

4. Dozens of free online apps that can be used for mind trainning and entertainment

5. Powered by NeuroSky ThinkGear AM Module,  advanced filter with high noise immunit, Raw EEG at 512hz, Delta, Theta,Low Alpha, High Alpha, Low beta, High beta, Gamma power spectum.

6. Custom-made for brain wave training institutions, suitable for both individuals and institution.

7. what’s more, we’ll send you a bluetooth donge as gift, by which you can connect the headset with computers


Support Platforms: PC/Android

TGAM1 module, with TGAT1 ASIC

Bluetooth 2.0 Transmit

Transmit Range: 10m

Single AAA battery(Not included)

4-6 hours battery run time

UART Baudrate: 57,600 Baud

3-100Hz frequency range

512Hz sampling rate

Measurements:  Raw signal, Neuroscience defined EEG power spectrum (Alpha, Beta, etc.),  Attention, Meditation, Blink Detection, On-head detection

Documents: Free SDK, Mindwave Starter Kit( included 10 apps for computers and more online).

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